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Why School Is Important in a Child’s Development

Schools play a great role in shaping up the future of a child. They set the foundations for making children better persons in the future. In school, you can learn everything that surrounds you as you get equipped with the right tools necessary for making you better in the future.
As a parent, you have to select the best school for your children, especially considering they spend the better part of their early life in school. This means that a school greatly influences the personality of a child even more than a family. There are many schools near Kelambakkam, Chennai , but choosing the best should be your priority.

Children can develop the following skills while at school:

Positive Interaction

positive interractionA child’s personality can be greatly affected if they do not learn how to interact with people of different levels and even cultural backgrounds. Chennai is a big city with people from all over India so sending your child to one of the best schools here allows them to learn in a diverse environment.
When your child goes to school, they interact with teachers and students, which is key to developing positive relationships. Students can gain positive interaction skills over time as they spend more time with fellow students either in class or playgrounds.

Social Development

There is no better place your child can socially develop other than in school. While in class, students are taught several skills like how to behave well, important work ethics, rules and regulations, and even social skills. While on the playground, they also learn how to coordinate with fellow team members effectively. A combination of these skills plays a huge role in helping the students become better persons in life.

While some schools in Chennai focus on academics only, the best excel in academics and extracurricular activities.As such,those schools that perform well in national board exams and offer your child the opportunity to participate in other curricular activities are the best for their development.

Learning New Things

learning new thingsYou can decide to home school your child, but the child will not learn the same things as those children who attend school learn. Even if you cover the entire curriculum, there are several things that a child can get to know that are not included in the school’s curriculum.

When children are allowed to interact with other students, friends, and peers, they can learn a lot. The school is the best place to learn these new things. A diverse set-up like that in Chennai is usually the best option for your child.…

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What You Need to Know About Penetration Testing (Pentest)

With the evolution of application features and network tech steadily on the rise, there is also a rise in security threats. So, are our efforts to spot these vulnerabilities helping? To answer this and any other questions you may have on pentesting, you need to understand what the service entails. Ethical hacking research papers can help you acquire the necessary knowledge for handling these security threats. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what penetration testing is.

What Is Penetration Testing?

pen testingPentesting is not the same as vulnerability scanning. Vulnerability scanning is helpful in identifying, ranking, and reporting threats. On the other hand, penetration testing is used to exploit loopholes to defeat the security features and control of a system. The practice is authorized and a proactive means of assessing the security of an IT setup. The assessment is done by carefully conducting tests to exploit vulnerabilities, unsafe end-user behaviors, misconfigurations, and service errors. The results are used to help verify the effectiveness of the defensive mechanisms put in place. Pentesting has two types: external and internal.

Pentesting is done externally and tries to exploit crucial loopholes that can be accessed remotely to compromise client networks. This interference disrupts business operations, destroys data, and steals sensitive data. An internal pentest always assumes that you feature internal network access. The test can give valuable information if you do not trust some employees. The testing will help you know how much destruction an intruder is likely to cause if your system is left vulnerable.

It’s crucial to remember that internal penetration testing differs from internal vulnerability scanning. A vulnerability scan is sometimes known as a credentialed scan that only identifies, ranks, and reports vulnerabilities. Using both a vulnerability scan and pentest provides better analysis.

Who Needs Pentesting?

testing IT
Amateur or professional hackers aim to hijack data from your enterprise. Some hackers are after money, while others target destruction. When you put this information into consideration, it’s easy to see how one incident of downtime can significantly affect the reputation of your company. Any business or agency that depends on IT needs to take precautions and have their security system checked from time to time.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

A pentest offers numerous benefits for businesses and enterprises that depend on information technology. Some of the benefits include detecting security threats, monitoring necessities, and avoiding penalties. Companies can also protect customer loyalty and company lineage. From the information above, it’s easy to see why penetration testing is important.…

Laundry Hacks For College Students

College students need to learn essential laundry hacks. After moving from home to college, doing laundry is not always an easy task. You need to come up with strategies to make the process as smooth as possible. With proper planning, you will be able to do your laundry on time and avoid wasting a lot of time in the process.

Depending on your college dorm facilities and the space that you have, it is advisable to know what you will need to do laundry. Here are some laundry hacks for college students:

Invest In a Good Laundry Basket

A good laundry basket is necessary for college. You need to make sure that you have a place to keep your dirty clothes before you take them to the washing area. We have laundry baskets that are collapsible, and they do not take a lot of space in the dorm room.

It is always a good idea to get mesh-like or clothe like laundry baskets that are easy to carry and store in tight spaces. Even with a tight budget, you can get laundry bags for college students.

Treat Stains Immediately

Treating stains immediately and separately can be beneficial. When in college, you have a very limited time. The faster you can clean your clothes, the better it is for you. One of the ways to make laundry stress free is by treating stains as soon as they occur.

Invest in stains treatment pens that work on different types of stains. Before you load your clothes, you can treat stains to do cleaning as fast as possible.

Use Detergent Pods

Detergent pods can be very useful in college. Instead of buying full-size bottles of detergent, consider buying pods instead. Using a full-sized bottle can lead to wastage, and you need to avoid it by all means.

When you have one size detergent, it is always easy to clean your clothes fast without wastage. You will be able to control the number of detergents that you use because the pods come in sizes.

Drying Rack

A good drying rack is necessary for college. It is a good place to dry out your clothes in the dorm. Most of the time, the drying racks tend to be full when everyone has done their laundry. It is advisable to get a portable drying rack that you can fold and store it whenever it is not in use.…

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How to Improve Workplace Security

You should note that workplace security is quite important for the business with a lot of equipment or holds a lot of money. Workplace security should be part of your Data Centre Operations Standard. The following are some of the steps you should undertake to improve workplace security.

Hire a Safety Coordinator

As a business manager or owner, you may not have adequate time to improve security at the workplace. That is why you should foster accountability by hiring a safety coordinator. Ideally, this person is tasked with carrying out routine safety audits, managing security improvements, and interacting with the security team. In fact, your safety coordinator ought to engage and network with others in the building.

Utilize Security System

The same way a burglar will avoid homes with security signs or cameras, you can prevent crime by advertising your security measures. Ensure you have warning signs at the entry and exit points. Other than security signs, your staff ought to have an interest in protecting your business. Therefore, you should follow your security procedures and policies and even be aware of any given suspicious activity.

Secure Electronic Gadgets

You should note that tech devices, including computers and phones, are easy targets as they are easy to resell. Ensure your desktop items are always locked whenever employees are away. Personal items, such as wallets and handbags, ought not to be left unattended. Ensure your business has the right insurance cover. In this way, you reduce the occurrences of robbery outside the working hours.

Check Entry and Exit Points

Start by checking broken elevators, faulty fire escapes, and open reception areas that offer criminals an opportunity to access the workplace. Your safety coordinator ought to fix and identify any weak spots on the property. You should note that most criminals gain access to the business premises through the windows and doors, and there is a need to check them regularly.

Train Your Employees

Staff training is quite important for businesses that work outside the normal working hours, particularly for the prevention of armed robberies. It is advisable to train your employees in the following areas:

  • Ensure safe cash management and handling
  • Record and report suspicious activity
  • Maintain safety routine

Your safety coordinator ought to be tasked with ensuring that routine training sessions are held for workplace security. They ought to be structured for the new employees and even shorter refresher courses for the existing employees.…

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The Relevance of Regular Assessments in Education

Education plays a significant role in preparing one for the future. You will learn a lot of things that shape you to become a better person. Your decision making will also be good when you learn different things. Education also helps you to broaden your knowledge and choose a career path. Some of the things you learn can be applied in several real-life situations.

Learning does not stop in life. You will come across new things each day that will broaden your knowledge. Assessments are also part of any learning program. You will be given exams, assignments or projects that will help gauge your level of understanding from what you have been taught.

One can register for English lessons to understand the language better or take any other related courses. The ITP TOEFL exam is one you will be given meant to gauge your skills in the English language.
answer sheetYou should always be prepared for exams if you want the best results. Make sure you study thoroughly and do some revision with friends if you wish to pass. Regular assessments which are usually in the form of examinations, assignments, and projects can benefit you in several ways which include:

Proper Understanding

One good thing about regular assessments is that they promote a better understanding of what you are taught or everything in your coursework. You will be tested on several areas that you have learned. The kind of results you get helps you know the areas you need to improve on or what you should study more. This will help you understand all that you have been taught.


Through exams or other types of assessments, you will be ranked according to your performance. This is another thing that may challenge you to work hard, especially if you have performed poorly. What you get can also be indicated in the certificate or degree which you will use on several occasions.

Increased Productivity

exam testRegular assessments will make you more productive in class. You will always be studying because you have a particular goal that you must meet. Being consistent through this will help you get the best results and also understand more of what you learn from your course work. You should always be prepared for your exams so that you may gauge your levels of understanding.…

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Qualities of a Good English Teacher

If you are trying to learn the English language and you have realized that for you to make it you will want a good teacher, then it is good to know some of the qualities of a good teacher. When you know what makes a good teacher, it becomes an easy task for you to make an informed choice. Here are some of the qualities that you need to consider when looking for a great native English teacher.

Great Communication Skills

If an English teacher does not have great communication skills, then it will be hard for you to benefit from them. The communication skills are what actually make it possible for the teacher to impart the knowledge that you seek into your mind. Therefore, if the teacher does not have great communication skills, the chances are that will not be of any importance to you.

So before you choose an English teacher whether on the online platform or in the physical world, you need to ensure that you talk to them and gauge how they talk to you. You can always know if they are great orators just by listening to the way they speak.

Well Qualified

learningAnother thing that you should look at before hiring an English teacher is the qualification. Just make sure that you are dealing with someone who is qualified to teach English. You can ask them to provide you with certifications that prove that they are indeed qualified for the task that you are about to give them. Hiring an English teacher who is not well qualified will definitely slow down the learning process.

Good Listening Skills

Another quality that a good English teacher needs to possess is listening skills. Sometimes you might want to ask questions that will help you better your learning process, and if the teacher is not listening, then you might not get the help that you deserve.

Passion for the Subject

The passion is what distinguishes great teachers from inferior ones. The same also applies even in your case. If you want to learn the English subject faster and without hiccups, then you need to make sure that you have a passion for it. It is the passion that will drive you to greater heights as far as the English language is concerned. In most cases, English teachers who have a great passion for the language have a deep understanding of the language.…

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How to Deal With Problems in Learning English

Probably you have started learning English, but you have met a lot of difficulties on the way. How can you reverse the problem and enjoy the learning process? In this post, you will learn some vital things that can help you overcome common problems people like you face when learning English.

Poor English Vocabulary

english frenchWhen learning any language, vocabulary is quite important. Ideally, any language has millions of words. Even the native speakers do not know all the languages, there are many to learn. Studies show that there are about 800 words you should know in English to converse in the language. You can look for the list and see how many words you know. Another problem that most people face is when they learn new words. They forget the old words as soon as they learn new ones.

Fortunately, different techniques can help you learn the language. The right method is to make a list. Other than making the list, you should continue reading. Make a list of about 50 words each week and keep on reading them. Try to take your time and you will improve your English reading skills.

Poor English Speaking Skills

This is another major complaint that is raised by people who want to speak English. Whenever you want to learn a new language, you will have to deal with the inability to communicate in the language successfully. You need to start by reducing your accent. It is true a lot of people have poor speaking skills. Surprisingly, most people think learning grammar in class and studying vocabulary words can help them speak the English language.

learning english onlineIt is advisable to watch English movies. This is a great way of trying to learn and study English. When you watch the movie, you will hear the words that are spoken out. This learning effect will make a better and bigger improvement in learning. You can read books, magazines, and newsletters. This will help you improve your confidence in speaking the language. You can read out loud. Never give up on this. Even if you read slowly, ensure you pronounce the words.

Not Interacting With English Speakers

Failing to interact with native English speakers can thwart your progress in learning the language. However, there are several things to do to improve your interaction or even stimulate the experience. Other than watching movies, you can find an English speaker in chat rooms.…


Career Move Options for Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians are assistants of licensed pharmacists with responsibilities and duties as the handling of all aspects of the prescription fulfillment process, dealing with patients and medical representatives, and many related functions. They can work in different environments such as government-run or private hospitals or other pharmacy outlets.

The basic educational attainment to become a pharmacy is a high school diploma. High school graduates who are to become pharmacy technicians should have a post-secondary training program from community schools or vocational colleges or an on-the-job training within one year. In some states, pharmacy technicians need to have certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or the National Healthcareer Association.

The demand for pharmacy technicians is growing every year. The main argument of being a pharmacy technician lies mainly on their salary which up to this date remains as one of the lowest in the medical field which may not sound fair if we look at the many responsibilities of a pharmacy technician.

But should one opt to look at the many opportunities for career move for a pharmacy technician, being a lowly paid pharmacy technician can actually be the beginning of something big.

Look for Good-Paying Pharmacy Technician Jobs

medicine dosageWhile being employed as a pharmacy technician provides job security to many, it is by no means that the salary is still one of the lowest in the health care service industry. With some agencies offering larger salaries to pharmacy technicians, the pharmacy technician should scout for opportunities for higher wages in other institutions. Usually, government-owned hospitals pay more than private medical centers. Pharmacy technicians in drug stores are often paid the least.

For some pharmacy technicians who do not consider this data as a golden opportunity for a better paying job, being loyal to their present job for many years may reward them in due time as salary increments.

Move to Other States Where Pay Is Better

Some states pay their pharmacy technicians better than other states. For example, according to an online source, a pharmacy technician is paid an hourly wage of $11.20 compared to New York state where pharmacy technicians being paid $15.50 or in Wyoming with $14.80 hourly rate.

In the United Kingdom, though the average annual salary of pharmacy technicians is almost the same as that in the States, some pharmacy technician employees are exorbitantly paid.

Pursue Associate Degree Studies

Pharmacy technicians can pursue an Associate of Applied Science so they can apply for other related jobs as a pharmacy service technician, pharmacy implementation specialist, and other jobs in the health care service.If the question, how much does a pharmacy tech make, interests you, you would be surprised that these positions have higher salaries compared to that.

graduation dayContinue Professional Studies

From pursuing an associate degree, a pharmacy technician can continue through formal education and take on a degree in pharmacy or other related fields such as nursing and even medicine. The knowledge gained from years of experience will definitely help him through the course of study.

Being a pharmacy technician can open new doors for someone who welcomes opportunities. These opportunities might be your ticket to a new and great years ahead, career-wise.…


Benefits of Taking Your Kids to Nursery School

Taking your child to a good nursery is a critical decision that you can ever make. It is one of the best ways of preparing your child to be ready for the academic world. One important thing that you should always remember is that not all nursery schools are good for your child. Some are just there to make easy money and those are the types that you should avoid by all means possible. You should always make sure that you take your child to a reputable nursery school. Here are the benefits that are associated with taking your child to a good school.

Prepare Your Child

schoolThe nursery school is there to prepare your child for primary and secondary school. It is basically laying a strong foundation and what this means is that if you make a mistake in choosing a nursery school for your child, you have destroyed the foundation of your child. I am sure that that is the last thing you want to do your child. A reputable nursery school will make it possible for your child to learn effectively when the time comes they move to the next level.

Grow Emotionally and Socially

Some people do not see the need of taking their children to a nursery school. They skip the process and take their kids directly to the primary school. If you fall into that category, then you need to desist from it. When children meet in a preschool, they have that chance of growing socially and emotionally. This is important in ensuring that the learning process is smooth. You also need to understand that education is not all about academic excellence only.

Nurturing Talents

If talents are identified at the young age, then making them beneficial to your kid is easy. Most people do not know what their talents are because they were not taken to the right nursery school. You definitely do not want that to happen to your child. Also, if you feel that your child has a good talent that needs to be nurtured, then you should make sure that you take them to a nursery school that specializes in nurturing talents.

Regular Activities

Regular ActivitiesWhen a child is exposed to regular activities, they tend to condition their mind to conform with school life. This is important because it makes it easy for the kid to fit in the academic calendar. It also ensures that the child is physically fit because they get the chance of playing with other kids.…


Important Things That People Learn in a Reputable Driving School

It is everybody’s wish that when they are undertaking that much anticipated first test drive, they go in at once and they are done and dusted with it. That is why it is nobody’s wish that they have to go through a hard time to pass their driving test. To ensure that you do not experience the same, it is important that you go through a reputable driving school, which will equip you with all you need.

So, let us look at some of the advantages and the important things that individuals can learn when they undertake their driving lessons in a reputable driving school.

Efficiency in tackling driving examinations

driving classThe first advantage that you will get when you learn how to drive in a reputable driving school is that you are well equipped on how best to tackle your examinations. Everybody wishes that when they go for the driving test, they should do it once. To ensure that this is possible, you should start by getting the proper training, practice and have the required instructions before you embark on your exams. This is way better than undertaking your driving learning through friends or parents.

When you undertake your studies in a reputable driving school, you will have the advantage of being handled by professional instructors. They have a lot of experience and will go a long way in teaching you on how always to stay calm and focused as you learn to drive with confidence. The experienced instructor will also go a long way in ensuring that you are conversant with not only the current but the proper rules of the road.

Enough learning time

When you learn from an individual, who is a professional trainer, they are used to teaching people on how to drive all day long. This is very important as it will give you a foundation of the basics that encompass good driving. One main thing you will have a good grasp of is the rules and regulations that govern behavior on the road.

You are sure to get all the information that you will require about street driving and the traffic signs and what they mean. Having a good instructor will always ensure that you have got a complete understanding of the driving basics before you hit the road.

Safe driving

Road safetyWhen you learn how to drive in a reputable driving school, it will be very easy to learn how to drive carefully and safely. You are being trained by professionals, as opposed to when you are learning it from friends and family. They might not have the required knowledge to pass to you on how best to avoid a dangerous situation.

From the above, we learn that there are a lot of good skills that one can learn from a reputable driving school as opposed to doing it with a family member or relative.…


How to Find a Math Tutor

Choosing a quality math tutor can be a challenge because there are many math tutors available. Still, there are various ways you are required to use to determine the best tutor for your child. Therefore, you need to take your time to ask around or research till you are familiar with some of these tips. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a math tutor.

Do your research

kjhgtresdxcvbhjkThis should be one of the major factors that will help you to learn a lot of things that are related to tutoring and math tutors. There are many sources you can use to conduct your research. First, most of the professional math tutors have their websites where you can easily find them. Therefore, with the help of the internet, you will know the best services a math tutor will offer to your child.


When you are looking for a qualified tutor, make sure that you ask for college transcripts or his High school certificates. A professional tutor will provide the best and legal documents. However, if you find out that a certain tutor is not willing to provide his or her credentials, then avoid considering him or her. You need to ensure that you have chosen the best tutor for your child by considering a trained, qualified and experienced math tutor.

Your child’s teacher

This is also another brilliant option you are required to consider. Even though some teachers are unable to offer additional tutoring services, they can gladly refer you to someone who can provide the tutoring services. This is because many tutors work closely with schools and teachers. That is why your child’s school counselor or a teacher can be of help when it comes to tutoring services. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask them because they already know professional math tutors that will be of help to your child.

Word of mouth

lkujytrdfcvbhjklEven though this might seem obvious, it is advisable to start by asking your family members or your friends whose kids have been tutored. Also, you can go ahead and ask other kids if they have a tutor they love. Be assured that they will give you the best answers and if they enjoy being tutored by a certain tutor, they will happily refer you to him or her.…

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An All Rounded School for Your Child’s Overall Wellbeing

For the longest time, there has been a heated debate about whether a private school is better than a state school. No viable conclusion has been reached just yet. This calls to show that everyone has a right to their own opinion. All that should matter is your child’s well being in every sense of the word. It has never been a point of focus until now. From the mental focus all the way to their creative side. All these have to be realized in the most efficient ways possible.

All about children

Children love it when they are in their little world. Since they come from different homes, you can never be too sure what they go through at home. Which is why a good preschool for children must be all about children.

From the playground to the classrooms, down to the content of the lessons. Engaging their little minds in games and active participation will do more for your child than you can imagine.

The likes of Green Meadow Waldorf School for Private Education with kindergarten and preschool in New York know about this all too well.

Moving on swiftly

in classAs your child grows, it is such a proud moment when you watch them move from one stage to another. Well, only a good school understands the importance of going as per the curriculum.

This doesn’t mean that they should only be pegged on nothing but school work all day.

It helps to take a break and look into other areas. This is the only way to ensure that the curriculum moves on as swiftly as it should.

It is important to note that every stage is vital and must be taken very seriously.

Goal oriented schools

It is pointless to drive your child to a school that is not goal oriented every morning. They will have nothing to look forward to as there is always a keen sense of aiming high.

If your child is not exposed to such an environment, they will never learn the importance of striving to reach for something very important.

Enrolling them in a goal oriented school will do more for them than you could ever imagine. It is only a cause for greater things to be accomplished in your child’s life.

Other spheres of their lives

At this stage, your child’s development should be your main source of concern. It could be either in the spiritual aspect or even the mental intellect. Your child needs a helping hand at these critical stage.

It is at this point that they are in a make or break stage that should be handled extensively. As much as possible, it should be in your best interests as a parent to focus only on the things that will mold your child into becoming a better person.


Other critical skills

You do realize that you will not always be around your child all the time. Which is why they need to learn other skills outside the ones they learn inside the classroom.

There will come a time when they will have to make critical decisions. A school that focuses on this point is priceless. Hold on to it when you find it.…

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How to Choose the Right Magnetic Whiteboard for your Office

Any business can have several uses of the magnetic whiteboard. This explains why several companies that use the unique boards have several boards in different sizes. If you have realized that your company can benefit from a unique board, you will need to determine what is required. In this post, you will learn important tips that will help you make the right selection.


magnetic whiteboardUsually, the size of a magnetic whiteboard is dependent on available space. You should note that there are several types of boards available in different sizes. Some boards operate and look like portable chalkboards can be hang on the wall. There are also boards, which can be used as walls. Ensure you get the right size you need. There is a good chance that you can get the right space for it.


Check the materials that have been used to make magnetic whiteboard. The boards can be made of materials such as steel, aluminum, melamine, glass, porcelain, laminate, and magnetic glass. As you probably know, different materials come with different prices. Thus, you will need to consult your pocket. The fact that you will need to replace these boards on a routine basis, you need to ensure you get the right quality that is likely to stay for quite long.

Number of boards needed

Usually, businesses require an average of three boards. Your conference room alone can take up one or two. Moreover, if the organization is large, you will need to have several small boards for every individual office. The variety of sizes, styles, and shapes available can suit every purpose within the organization and amount of space you have got.

Use of magnetic board

This is quite important as it will help you determine the right type of magnetic whiteboard. Will the boards just be used only during the meetings? Do individual employees use small boards in their spaces? Does your design team require several boards for a wide range of projects? You need to take this into account.magnetic whiteboard

Placement location

Where are you going to place these magnetic whiteboards? As noted above, finding a place for the magnetic boards is not quite difficult. You ought to consider the space carefully and then order the whiteboards accordingly. Thus, you need to make a note of the exact measurements that include thickness and height requirements.…


The benefits of self-employment

For many people, it is unthinkable of leaving a sure job and a guaranteed regular check. Self-employment is not for faint-hearted; it is a big risk but with very high rewards. You cannot deny that being self-employed come with a fair share of its challenges. However, this should not blind you to the benefits of self-employment. If you ever thought of working for yourself, here are some of the benefits you should know:

You choose your working hours



Working for a company or any other kind of formal or informal employed job, you will be limited to their working hours. If it is 9 am to 5 pm then those will be your working hours. You won’t be able to choose when to work. However, with self-employment you have to choose your working hours. You decide when it is time to work and when not to.



You can have your social life


Employment can cut down your social circle. You will be on the job for all the weekdays with no time to spare for social activities. Even worse, some jobs will want you to work on weekends. With self-employment, you have the freedom to be on job or socializing. It is you who call the shots and your social life will not be curtailed.

You choose who to work with

Some people are hard to work with. They will nag and annoy you for the entire day. Each day will be the same unhappy story. You cannot quit since your job requires you to work with such a person. When you are self-employed you can choose who to work with. If you do not feel
comfortable working with anyone, you can make the decision not to have them

You get all the rewards


As much as it is a tall order to be working for yourself, the rewards are enormous. The better part is that you will be getting everything into your pocket. For the trouble you go through, all the rewards will come to you. And it is not only the reward of money; you also get to be satisfied
and happy.

You make your own stand


When employed, you can hardly make your own decision. You are only there to execute what is brought down to you. On the flip side of being self-employed, you make your own stand and stick to that to the end. You will make your decision and no one will question you. The down side of this is if you make wrong calls, you will carry the consequences alone.


You follow your passion

officePassion is one thing many people do not get a chance to follow. However, with self-employment you get that chance to be what you have always wanted. You will do what you love for the rest of your life. There is nothing as satisfying as this: following your passion every single day.



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How to get a promotion at work

When you start a new job, begin to plan for the next promotion immediately. Start by staying focused on the job you were hired. Never assume that you will be promoted every year since promotions are never given. Promotions also are not always an upward path. Earlier workers used to progress along specific career paths in their careers, but globalization, technology, and flatter organizational structures have changed the paradigm. This has enabled employees to manage and create their own career paths. As an employee, one needs to make a lateral step to position oneself a later upward step. You have to develop promotion plan. Here are various ways you can get a promotion at work.

Create a bond with your boss

happy woman

Every boss in every company can either make employee move to the next step or can block an employee from any movement within the company. Let your boss be a key supporter of the promotion. Try to be professional and seek counsel and show interest in staying with the company to your boss. Talk to your boss about roadblock to the promotion via performance appraisals. Be open to the boss by building rapport and learning more about his or her hobbies and interest.


Ask for more responsibilities

Asking for more responsibilities at the workplace is one way which can land you to promotion very fast. Always try to volunteer in helping other departments and increase your value within the company. Remember that when you ask for more responsibilities, it shows the desire and interest to help your organization and the department to succeed.

Have the right attitude

Every time you think of promotion at work, make sure you have adjusted your attitude. Be more optimistic and positive and avoid “glass half empty” mentality. According to a survey, sixty-two percent of employers have discovered that pessimistic or negative attitude in employees has denied them chances for promotion. Avoid negative attitude that may make you show up at wok late, regularly leaving the work early, using vulgar language and taking too many sick days.

Acquire new skills and knowledge

This is another very important way that can make you get a promotion at work. Try to expand the knowledge and the skills sets in critical areas of the organization. This will not only land you to a promotion but you will stay very marketable. Pay attention to events and trends outside your specialty and also keep current with industry news.

Always act professionally

workingTry to earn a reputation for being professional, cooperative and dependable at all times. Consult every time you are not sure before doing something, dress neatly and professionally during work days even on casual days, have positive outlook on things especially in tough situations, avoid blaming others or complaining when things are not working well, avoid becoming a clock-watcher and try to make a name for yourself through speeches, conferences, and articles. Become a problem-solver and when a difficult situation arises, come up with solutions before seeking your boss.…