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How to Improve Workplace Security

You should note that workplace security is quite important for the business with a lot of equipment or holds a lot of money. Workplace security should be part of your Data Centre Operations Standard. The following are some of the steps you should undertake to improve workplace security.

Hire a Safety Coordinator

As a business manager or owner, you may not have adequate time to improve security at the workplace. That is why you should foster accountability by hiring a safety coordinator. Ideally, this person is tasked with carrying out routine safety audits, managing security improvements, and interacting with the security team. In fact, your safety coordinator ought to engage and network with others in the building.

Utilize Security System

The same way a burglar will avoid homes with security signs or cameras, you can prevent crime by advertising your security measures. Ensure you have warning signs at the entry and exit points. Other than security signs, your staff ought to have an interest in protecting your business. Therefore, you should follow your security procedures and policies and even be aware of any given suspicious activity.

Secure Electronic Gadgets

You should note that tech devices, including computers and phones, are easy targets as they are easy to resell. Ensure your desktop items are always locked whenever employees are away. Personal items, such as wallets and handbags, ought not to be left unattended. Ensure your business has the right insurance cover. In this way, you reduce the occurrences of robbery outside the working hours.

Check Entry and Exit Points

Start by checking broken elevators, faulty fire escapes, and open reception areas that offer criminals an opportunity to access the workplace. Your safety coordinator ought to fix and identify any weak spots on the property. You should note that most criminals gain access to the business premises through the windows and doors, and there is a need to check them regularly.

Train Your Employees

Staff training is quite important for businesses that work outside the normal working hours, particularly for the prevention of armed robberies. It is advisable to train your employees in the following areas:

  • Ensure safe cash management and handling
  • Record and report suspicious activity
  • Maintain safety routine

Your safety coordinator ought to be tasked with ensuring that routine training sessions are held for workplace security. They ought to be structured for the new employees and even shorter refresher courses for the existing employees.…