The benefits of self-employment

For many people, it is unthinkable of leaving a sure job and a guaranteed regular check. Self-employment is not for faint-hearted; it is a big risk but with very high rewards. You cannot deny that being self-employed come with a fair share of its challenges. However, this should not blind you to the benefits of self-employment. If you ever thought of working for yourself, here are some of the benefits you should know:

You choose your working hours



Working for a company or any other kind of formal or informal employed job, you will be limited to their working hours. If it is 9 am to 5 pm then those will be your working hours. You won’t be able to choose when to work. However, with self-employment you have to choose your working hours. You decide when it is time to work and when not to.



You can have your social life


Employment can cut down your social circle. You will be on the job for all the weekdays with no time to spare for social activities. Even worse, some jobs will want you to work on weekends. With self-employment, you have the freedom to be on job or socializing. It is you who call the shots and your social life will not be curtailed.

You choose who to work with

Some people are hard to work with. They will nag and annoy you for the entire day. Each day will be the same unhappy story. You cannot quit since your job requires you to work with such a person. When you are self-employed you can choose who to work with. If you do not feel
comfortable working with anyone, you can make the decision not to have them

You get all the rewards


As much as it is a tall order to be working for yourself, the rewards are enormous. The better part is that you will be getting everything into your pocket. For the trouble you go through, all the rewards will come to you. And it is not only the reward of money; you also get to be satisfied
and happy.

You make your own stand


When employed, you can hardly make your own decision. You are only there to execute what is brought down to you. On the flip side of being self-employed, you make your own stand and stick to that to the end. You will make your decision and no one will question you. The down side of this is if you make wrong calls, you will carry the consequences alone.


You follow your passion

officePassion is one thing many people do not get a chance to follow. However, with self-employment you get that chance to be what you have always wanted. You will do what you love for the rest of your life. There is nothing as satisfying as this: following your passion every single day.