How to Conduct Yourself in a Job Interview

When you have been invited for an interview, then you know that you are on the right way towards securing your dream job. This is why an interview is regarded as the first opportunity that one has to make that great impression and demonstrate their poise, respect and sincerity that they have. During this time, one is supposed to demonstrate positive mannerism and personal likability as they are likely to have a major influence on you being hired or not. An interview session is meant to give the hiring manager an opportunity to access the talent and abilities that you have in relation to the needs of the job that you are being hired for. They will be out there looking at your behavior and attitudes as you project them from the way you behave. Here is a guideline on how you should behave during that job interview to ensure that you nail it:

First impression

hiring sign

This may sound like a common phrase, but you are supposed to know that the first few moments of any interview determines a lot the impression the hiring manager will have of you. You are supposed to walk in, greet them warmly while giving them a professional but firm handshake. All this is meant to get things on the right footing. You are then supposed to engage the interviewer in some friendly conversation.



The essence of the interview is that the interviewer wants to see how you will conduct yourself when all the attention is on you. This is most cases can be in the event that you are applying for a job which will require you to work mostly under pressure. Some jobs like teaching, sales, or paralegal jobs, will have interviews that are meant to test your performance under pressure. It is normal for anybody to feel nervous when they are being interviewed, just take a deep breath like six times and you will be good to go. Here you are required to sit in a relaxed manner while maintaining a firm posture ensuring that you maintain eye contact and smile always.


Most individuals when invited for a job interview, will conduct research about that particular job, prepare the answers that they will give during the interview and in some cases, they will even rehearse with friends. But it is important to realize that what the interviewer wants to test is your sincerity, rather than acting as a robot who is  just reciting what they had memorized. To avoid this, it is advisable that you listen first while answering questions honestly and concisely.

Respect and politeness

job interviewThere is a very thin line between one being confident and arrogant. It is very easy for the hiring manager to mistaken you for being arrogant and disrespectful if you seem to act like you deserve the job too much than the others. To avoid this, you are encouraged to always show courtesy and politeness in the manner that you act, and the answers that you give. You are not supposed to interrupt the interviewer when they are talking, don’t mess up with the items on their desk and above all when you are done with the entire exercise thank the interviewer for their time.