Career Move Options for Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians are assistants of licensed pharmacists with responsibilities and duties as the handling of all aspects of the prescription fulfillment process, dealing with patients and medical representatives, and many related functions. They can work in different environments such as government-run or private hospitals or other pharmacy outlets.

The basic educational attainment to become a pharmacy is a high school diploma. High school graduates who are to become pharmacy technicians should have a post-secondary training program from community schools or vocational colleges or an on-the-job training within one year. In some states, pharmacy technicians need to have certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or the National Healthcareer Association.

The demand for pharmacy technicians is growing every year. The main argument of being a pharmacy technician lies mainly on their salary which up to this date remains as one of the lowest in the medical field which may not sound fair if we look at the many responsibilities of a pharmacy technician.

But should one opt to look at the many opportunities for career move for a pharmacy technician, being a lowly paid pharmacy technician can actually be the beginning of something big.

Look for Good-Paying Pharmacy Technician Jobs

medicine dosageWhile being employed as a pharmacy technician provides job security to many, it is by no means that the salary is still one of the lowest in the health care service industry. With some agencies offering larger salaries to pharmacy technicians, the pharmacy technician should scout for opportunities for higher wages in other institutions. Usually, government-owned hospitals pay more than private medical centers. Pharmacy technicians in drug stores are often paid the least.

For some pharmacy technicians who do not consider this data as a golden opportunity for a better paying job, being loyal to their present job for many years may reward them in due time as salary increments.

Move to Other States Where Pay Is Better

Some states pay their pharmacy technicians better than other states. For example, according to an online source, a pharmacy technician is paid an hourly wage of $11.20 compared to New York state where pharmacy technicians being paid $15.50 or in Wyoming with $14.80 hourly rate.

In the United Kingdom, though the average annual salary of pharmacy technicians is almost the same as that in the States, some pharmacy technician employees are exorbitantly paid.

Pursue Associate Degree Studies

Pharmacy technicians can pursue an Associate of Applied Science so they can apply for other related jobs as a pharmacy service technician, pharmacy implementation specialist, and other jobs in the health care service.If the question, how much does a pharmacy tech make, interests you, you would be surprised that these positions have higher salaries compared to that.

graduation dayContinue Professional Studies

From pursuing an associate degree, a pharmacy technician can continue through formal education and take on a degree in pharmacy or other related fields such as nursing and even medicine. The knowledge gained from years of experience will definitely help him through the course of study.

Being a pharmacy technician can open new doors for someone who welcomes opportunities. These opportunities might be your ticket to a new and great years ahead, career-wise.…

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How to get a promotion at work

When you start a new job, begin to plan for the next promotion immediately. Start by staying focused on the job you were hired. Never assume that you will be promoted every year since promotions are never given. Promotions also are not always an upward path. Earlier workers used to progress along specific career paths in their careers, but globalization, technology, and flatter organizational structures have changed the paradigm. This has enabled employees to manage and create their own career paths. As an employee, one needs to make a lateral step to position oneself a later upward step. You have to develop promotion plan. Here are various ways you can get a promotion at work.

Create a bond with your boss

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Every boss in every company can either make employee move to the next step or can block an employee from any movement within the company. Let your boss be a key supporter of the promotion. Try to be professional and seek counsel and show interest in staying with the company to your boss. Talk to your boss about roadblock to the promotion via performance appraisals. Be open to the boss by building rapport and learning more about his or her hobbies and interest.


Ask for more responsibilities

Asking for more responsibilities at the workplace is one way which can land you to promotion very fast. Always try to volunteer in helping other departments and increase your value within the company. Remember that when you ask for more responsibilities, it shows the desire and interest to help your organization and the department to succeed.

Have the right attitude

Every time you think of promotion at work, make sure you have adjusted your attitude. Be more optimistic and positive and avoid “glass half empty” mentality. According to a survey, sixty-two percent of employers have discovered that pessimistic or negative attitude in employees has denied them chances for promotion. Avoid negative attitude that may make you show up at wok late, regularly leaving the work early, using vulgar language and taking too many sick days.

Acquire new skills and knowledge

This is another very important way that can make you get a promotion at work. Try to expand the knowledge and the skills sets in critical areas of the organization. This will not only land you to a promotion but you will stay very marketable. Pay attention to events and trends outside your specialty and also keep current with industry news.

Always act professionally

workingTry to earn a reputation for being professional, cooperative and dependable at all times. Consult every time you are not sure before doing something, dress neatly and professionally during work days even on casual days, have positive outlook on things especially in tough situations, avoid blaming others or complaining when things are not working well, avoid becoming a clock-watcher and try to make a name for yourself through speeches, conferences, and articles. Become a problem-solver and when a difficult situation arises, come up with solutions before seeking your boss.…